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I don't know this car personally but have a friend, Ron McCall, who is a Pantera specialist and knows this car very well. Ron Is mentioned in the write-up about this car. He is a great down to earth guy and undoubtedly will be willing to give you honest information. His telephone number is 410-596 3170. He lives north of Baltimore, MD. I attached an image of one of Ron's Panteras, the one he races.

Feel free to use my name, Tom Kuester, I was at his shop last week with a friend who is having Ron tweak his Pantera.

I hope its as good a car as advertised. Good luck

ron McCall car-low res


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  • ron McCall car-low res
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Good luck.

Remember that Bring a Trailer adds an additional charge onto a winning bid as their auction fee.

Also, each bid at the end of the auction will extend the auction by 2 minutes.  This prevents last second sniping, but decide in advance where you are comfortable ending up so that emotions do not get the better of you.

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