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I have an extra black Delrin shift knob for sale. It is new and in perfect condition as received from Auger. It is designed to in effect shorten the throw of the stock shift lever. It does.

It shortens the throw by around 2-1/2". It also lowers the height of the knob location and does make the shift lever look somewhat like a joystick.

$50 and $10 USPS shipping within the Continental US. I'll ship it anywhere but expect delays and increased shipping costs which I'll need to have quoted depending on the location.

Paypal "friends and relatives".


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  • Pantera Auger Delrin Shift knob 1 Jan 21
  • Pantera Auger Delrin Shift knob 2 Jan 21
  • Pantera Auger Delrin Shift knob 3 Jan 21
  • Pantera Delrin shift knob
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@georgef posted:

Pantera Doug, I run a small machine shop In Central Illinois. CNC lathe and Machining center.  My pantera is being rebuilt as we speak.  If you would be kind enough to send me the specs for the delrin shifter handle we could run a few of them for fellow owners that want them.  George Scott

I do not know the specific Delrin spec number used other then it is black and not flexible.

I had two. I sold one. There were two different diameters. The one that I kept is the larger diameter. It is 1-1/2"od and 3-1/4" long. You can see the profile in the pictures posted.

It is bored so that the threaded shift lever sits as deep into the knob without sacrificing the structural integrity to the size and pitch of the existing shift lever.

It's a pretty simple animal and as such that's what makes it such a great solution.

My Dad made up some wood shift knobs, and purchased brass inserts with the correct thread (I can’t recall the size now).  It was a standard metric thread.

The inserts had a bigger spiral on the outside to mount solidly in the stock.  You can get them from any good woodworking supplier.

Not sure how robust Delrin is.  Maybe you can just tap it.  But I’m sure you don’t need my advice!


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@georgef posted:

Thanks, That should give me enough info to make a couple.

It looks like there is about one inch left on top of the threads.

Rocky: Delrin is fully machinable just like a piece of billet metal would be.

It's best to machine it on a lathe. I've run into difficulty with it trying to deep bore it with a drill bit on a drill press. A plunge cut on a lathe would likely eliminate the problem but I sold my lathe a few years ago.

It has greater yield strength then most aluminums and is often used on race cars to replace rubber bushings since it is not as harsh on the ride as the old brass/bronze ones were like in the Comp Cobras.

I've torn door knobs off of doors inadvertently but can't hurt this knob so apparently it is gorilla tested safe?

Delrin does have the characteristic as never feeling hot or cold so it largely doesn't absorb heat or cold. I just made a couple of fuel logs out of it for that reason and the cabs on a hot running engine feel cool to the touch so the fuel isn't absorbing heat anywhere which is a huge plus on trying to restart a hot engine in a hot climate.

I'm sure if I look I can find the flexibility data on it but for a short item like this knob it's approaching perfect. The only question would be what diameter to make since many like me would feel more comfortable with a larger diameter rather then smaller but when you order the stock, you need to presume a certain outside diameter for it but you could play around with on a lathe with different shapes if you started out with a large enough diameter piece?

It's also a little slick in it's fully finished form and naturally polishes up very well as a result. You could polish it to make it have a finish like a Baldwin piano if you wanted that effect? It does kind of resemble "polished ebony wood"?

It does give the "artist" some alternatives to explore. It's good stuff and because you thread the material itself as if it is metal, it has no inserts to come loose.

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