Anybody out there run the occasional AutoX with their cat? If so, I'd be curious to know how she runs and what mods you have on that work.

I'd have to believe that this car is capable of enjoying this fun event. (and would do fine)

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Hi Bob:

A few years ago I left my Pantera at home and took my BMW M Coupe to a weekend SCCA autocross school in SoCal. I found it to be very tough even on that year-old, full-warranty car and I swore that I'd never put my Pantera - which is fully race prepared by the way - through the kind of abuse I experienced while autocrossing. An instructor at Skip Barber once explained that, even though your car might be at full throttle, a road course would still allow it time to "breathe". This is not the case on an autocross course.

I suspect that Jack DeRyke, who is much more knowledgeable about every aspect of Panteras and their ownership than I, would disagree if the car were properly prepared. In fact, I understand that Jack autocrossed his own Pantera for several years. So try it - you can always just park your car if you don't like it. Lastly, I would suggest that you make sure you�ve got an upgraded oil pan before starting out.

Matt Merritt

I ran two different Panteras for 8 yrs in various classes, in Northern CA, where autocross was invernted. Earned 3 regional championships against 'Vettes and all manner of street-modifieds. Stock, the Pantera is a disaster- the factory-built underrsteer is horrible in low-speed turns and the tiny tires don't help. Lowering the car & adding 8" wheels to the front, with the biggest tires that fit under the fenders, helped (245-50x 15s frt & 275-55-15s rear on 10" Gotti wheels). Hoosier DOTs helped tremendously. Second, the ZF has a limited slip that can be of two types and one is twice as stiff as the other... predictably, we had one of each so none of the set-up data from one car matched the other until we found this. Fixing the tight one was expen$ive.. A tight posi causes even more understeer. Custom swaybars- 5/8 front & 1-1/4 in back, on custom braces trimmed the car to more-or-less neutral. Adding a big swaybar to the stock rear mounts only flexes the frame- it needs custom mounts & braces similar to the LeMans racers. There are others relating to front & rear wheel alignment, steering mods & tire pressures (we ran 42 psi frt/46-48 psi rears). At the end, the car worked very well, had around 550 horses and was still streetable.... and the body began cracking from sticky-tire cornering stress so we retired it. Nowadays, I'd first add a vendor's front & rear brace sysems before even thinking about this. Good luck.
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