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I noticed the small tube in the manifold for the heater hose is rusting away. I have seen a couple of posts on the board that the tube is pressed in. Can this tube be removed with the engine intact, and in the car, and if so, is there any additional access provided by removing the water pump?





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I am sad to say that this is a not fun job even with a bare block on an engine stand.

there is no opening of that heater tube into any portion of the water pump housing.

yes the tube is pressed in and they are famous for doing what yours has done. With a bare block I understand it can be tapped to accept a steel/brass pipe nipple but that is something certainly best done on a bare block project where metal shavings can be properly dealt with.

The ones I have removed have been on bare blocks so I have no knowledge of what the best approach might be to capture the inevitable pieces of metal the process will result in.

sorry I can’t deliver some wonderful news.😕

hopefully someone else will post their magic solution to make your task easier.

Good luck,


As Larry said, there is no magic solution. As was posted a while back: grab it with a vice grips (it will collapse, but that's ok) and pry it out with a crow bar. Not so easy with the engine installed. Its a thin wall tube so it comes apart "relatively" easily. I tapped mine and installed a SS barbed fitting.

Thanks. You know just once I would like to see a response like , “oh that, no problem. Should take you 5 minutes”.  😬

All kidding aside I appreciate the quick and informative responses as always. I think since this isn’t leaking (yet) I will see if this can hold until I have the engine rebuilt. I am concerned about it breaking apart and pieces getting into the engine with the extraction.


...I Concur with Husker, There is No problem here. Take a Vise Grip, with 'Rounded Jaws', crush the rusted tube to Collapse it. Twist and Turn, as You pull it out. Very few pieces will drop in. Because it is rusted thin, it doesn't take a lot of force to crush it out. A Shot of WD-40 wouldn't Hurt. Even Soak it over-night. It will Help Break-Up the Rust.

You can find a new tube at the NAPA Auto Parts Store.

Good Luck with it.


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