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I picked up a used Roush 427R motor serial#013, Has Dart iron block 193 pounds. The block is a work of art capable of 2000 HP according to Dart web site.

Roush motor dyno sheet 550 hp 535 torque under 6250 RPM on premium pump gas 10.25 compression

Yes, I took the easy way out but this way I don't have to disassemble the mostly stock 351C that is currently in my 71 pushbutton. I will keep it on the stand for any future unknown plans.
That's not the easy way out Mark, it was your choice, and its a good one. Well done. Crate motors aren't cheap. Don't put yourself down like that. Too many other dweebs that will do that for you. It may not be my "choice" but no one, including me, says it has to be. Hey, that big torque monster ought to be fun! Enjoy.

Did they specify what cam they're running?

Oh, and I agree, the Dart blocks are, (here it comes) BITCHEN! Wink

your friendly neighborhood PIBB-ster, George
(aka, youthfully challenged - thanks Mark! Razzer )
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