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Good morning all!  I have gotten great feed back from this forum so I am going to ask another question.  I am looking to see if Burlwood can be purchased and then my center console and arm rest pieces be cut form it, or is it easier and affordable to buy from a vendor?  If a vendor, who is the vendor of choice?  You can pm me that information if you have one to recommend.  I am not restoring #9421 but working towards making it a perfect example of an original.  Its more for tinkering purposes but my burlwood has a crack around a gauge and the armrest piece has a chip in it.  Any guidance as usually is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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The Burlwood kits can be purchased from most of the vendors as a dash insert, door inserts and gauge panel, however, I believe they are mostly cut out to an earlier dash style than your 9,000 series car which has a larger vent/register size and additional gauges, so verify with the vendor or be prepared for some modification.

Burlwood veneer can be purchased from most furniture component suppliers and hobby vendors.

It is going to be raw and unfinished.

It will be up to you to cut, shape and final finish it.

It is difficult for the AVERAGE wood worker to apply a flawless high gloss finish like is provided in the Pantera dash kits.

High gloss like that will show the slightest bit of dust and will raise dust out of the wood that you didn't know was there.

You can do it but you might go through a bunch of wood to get it right?

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