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Hi everyone, I've finally got enough money in the bank for a Pantera in running order, but not enough for a concours example. I found one that I like, although many probably consider the absurd fender flares less than desirable.

It's in California, and I'm in the Netherlands, so this will be a long-distance purchase. The car presents well in Internet photos, but I asked the seller for pictures of the rust that I was sure was on it somewhere, and he delivered.

Now that I have the pics, I realize that I don't know enough about what the underside of a Pantera looks like to identify what parts have been affected, nor do I have the expertise to determine how serious a cause for concern the rusted bits are. I accept that I won't get a pristine car for $50k, but having been bit once before by a BMW 2002 that turned out crispier than it looked, I'm proceeding cautiously.

Here are the photos in question:

Should I run away, and if so, how fast?
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Definitely go for the offer of an inspection, there is some serious rust in that car and it's usually the iceberg syndrome, there's far more non visible!

Even though your budget is limited, IMO you are going to spend $$$ and time to get that car anywhere close to reasonable and I haven't even seen the top side or interior.

$50K goes a long way and if you wait there are still some good buys of driver cars to be had, plus the longer you wait the more money you can save up.

Some of those areas pictured are boxed structural members of the car. When it looks like that on the outside, there's likely a big job to get in there and fix things the way you want it to be.

Unless you are one of these extreme fabricators like our Northern European friends, or UFOLow - you might want to think hard about this one.

Check out the UFO-LOW thread about the metalwork he did on his Florida(?) car.... It gives you the idea of what might be needed....

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It's interesting how the rocker panel seam disappears at the front and rear fender flare on the BHCC car. The back flare looks a little "uneven" to me, especially at the front of the wheel opening.

I would suspect those flares are carefully sculpted from Bondo…

But an inspection should be carried out if someone is serious about either car...

Originally posted by JFB #05177:
this one?

Yep, one and the same!

I didn't find 4664 on ProvaMo

Me either. I got the seller to confirm the VIN for me which he did in the form of a photo of all 3 ID plates laying next to each other on a table. I have to wonder if a detached VIN plate is going to be a problem getting it registered.

Originally posted by Rocky:
I would suspect those flares are carefully sculpted from Bondo…

You have a better eye than me! Smiler I love the wide look, though, at any rate.


But an inspection should be carried out if someone is serious about either car...

I'm definitely serious. I've wanted a Pantera since I was 14. Took me 22 years, but I'm nearly there! I don't want to buy another heap of rust, but I'm concerned that if I don't pull the trigger on one soon, either the cars' continuing appreciation or the Euro-USD exchange rate will outpace my ability to sock away money and leave it just out of my reach again.

For me it looks a bad car , but also important ,it's almost complete .
I dont know what your experience is whit restoring a car ?
there is a lot of work on the body and you never kow where its ended.
Technical the Pantera's are easy.
Including taxes and shipping cost €49-50k on your place .
I think between 60k and 70k you can find a nice driver into Europe.
When you need some help on finding a shipper i can help you .
I have bought before a car into The States and I know how it's works.
My shipper is located into Amsterdam , others are in Roosendaal and Rotterdam.
Ship it anyway by a shared container , not RollOn/RollOff

Simon (close by Amsterdam)
0031 620038262
Thanks all for your feedback! I will keep looking and maybe see if I can take something to keep my Pantera Fever under control Big Grin

Originally posted by Simon:
When you need some help on finding a shipper i can help you

Thank you, Simon! I'm very grateful for an offer of help from somebody in my area who has done this before. Those €numbers line roughly up with what I had calculated, so I'm glad to know I'm not far off.

You wouldn't happen to be the owner of the yellow/black Pantera I saw roaring through Amsterdam near Bilderdijkstraat years back, would you?
sorry I am late on this thread..did a full rebuild of a Pantera lately with a DECENT chassis ..minimal rust but some other chassi deficiencies ...
I have not seen all pictures..
chassis work is very expensive in EU (exep. UK may be!!) unless you can do it yourself. We now move cars into Bulgaria and Poland to get a full work done. Last was a full work on a Porsche 914 for app 10k€!!! incl paint. Well the parts are not included.
Have you seen the gearbox? I did an 6k€ and NO main shaft, non gear sets..
Engine to make it nice ..what status does it have..expect an other 5..8k€..

As you need to take presumably everything out internally and externally as Kim sad 1000 houres easily..

sorry..did all this.

40..50K NO WAY...


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