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Nor'easter, several owners have done this, and at least one vendor. Larry Stock of Pantera Parts Connection in NV, says as easy as the glass window breaks in a fire, you'll likely get about the same protection from a plastic rear window. In addition, its about 5 lbs lighter and easier to handle. He has plexiglas or Lexan rear windows in stock.
Originally posted by Rocky:
I had heard about the possibility of double-paned rear windows for sound deadening.

Is that real, or just a rumor?


Contact Ron Wade at Chevs of the 40's 1-800-999-2438 he is in Vancouver, Washington. He has a Pantera among other Cars. He has the Double-pane rear Window your asking about.

Good Luck
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I have double glass in mine works great for sound and heat!
It is two 5mm laminated glass with 3mm space that are filled with argon gas.
Same system as they use in buildings here in Finland.
But it has to be a little bigger and glued in because its so thick.

You can just make a paper template of the opening and then measure the rubber sealing in the trace and take the difference of the template
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