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Hi Team

i wonder if you might clarify something for me.

as we have now managed to get the 285/50R15 Pirelli P7 made again which were OE on the 79-84 cars, i'm wondering what else they will fit?

The 285/50R15 P7 can fit on a 8"-10" rim and the 225/50R15 P7 can do 6" - 8"

In my mind your earlier cars can still get 185/70VR15 XWX and 215/70VR15 XWX, so why mess with those. You have the perfect option. But then the 1972 - 1978 cars are in a bit of a tangle, There isnt really the perfect tyres out there. However they have 7" rims front and 8" rims (maybe 10") on the back. In my mind this slightly later P7 set up also fits on these rims, but does it fit in the body?

I have built this web page

and i am also doing this one about tyre pressures

If you have any data that will help make these pages as accurate as possible please post it on here.

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Yes, I can confirm, you can run the 225/50-15 and 285/50-15 combo on 7” and 8” OEM wheels without any issue’s whatsoever. I ran this combination for a decade. The only modification to the suspension was, I had the “for USA” spring spacers removed, establishing the European ride height. I hope this helps.

I had the 285/50/15 on 8” rims for 3-4 years before I had purchased my 10” rims, which at that point I had the tires swapped on to the 10” rims.  My car is lowered just like David’s car.  Both set ups fit the car nicely.  I had Pirelli 215/60/15’s on the front which is what came on the car when I bought it.  I was planning on putting the 225/50/15’s on but in the end I didn’t do it.

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