This is a badly corroded 8" Campy that I was planning to use on the front of my Pantera, that is until I cleaned, annealed and and bead blasted it.

The first picture shows what I found when I removed the old tire that was mounted. At this point, I had not cleaned, annealed or bead blasted the wheel. The subsequent photos show the wheel after cleaning, annealing and bead blasting. I could clearly see how extensive the pitting was once the corrosion was removed. These pits run all the way around the inside of the rim on both the inner and outer edges.

I would deem these wheels unsafe. Am I wrong? Thoughts?


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Wow. That's pretty scary considering the front face of that didn't look all that beaten up. Very good lesson here that if considering buying old Campys to buy them sans tires! Thanks for posting this Garth.

I have to say ..that doesnt come from putting air in a tire ... that looks like some one used some sort of chemical inside the a FIX A FLAT type of product ... maybe they dodnt read the directions ... it may have said " not for use on magnesium wheels ". Thats not normal.


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