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Originally posted by OSOFAST:
Can you say ratus packamus.

HEY! That's only fair if you been to visit PERSONALLY, and stepped over various wheels, intakes, and useless hoses in the process.

Yeah, I went a little nuts finding the set of 8's and 10's I ended up with, and so everyone MADE me buy the 7s that came with them. Oh well.

In a compulsive fit, I cleaned, sealed, epoxied the occasional tire valve pit, had them chromate primered, and shot them with 2 stage paint. They are quite, quite nice.

Anyway, if no one makes a dumb offer soon, they WILL become lamps, tables, or employee gifts as Jeff suggests, though I've no idea how to motivate them accordingly. But you got me to thinking...

Anyway, should someone want killer, clean wheels ready to mount, here you go.
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