I am in trouble.    

I was adjusting the latch on the rear trunk and the trunk latched and will not release.
After a couple hours of trying, i thought i would loosen the trunk so i could slide it forward and release the latch.  Well the shocks then pushed the trunk towards the rear of the car rendering the problem worse.
So.....   do i remove the trunk bolts to try and make it release hoping the shocks do not shoot the trunk lid backward to the next county?
Ps. I have the trunk shocks that mount front to back so the preasure is pushing to the rear of the car instead of up like the stock shocks
I have no trunk insert.
Any and all suggestions appreciated
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We ultimately unbolted the decklid from the car.  That enabled us to rock it to the side and us a long screw driver to knock the shock off of the pin on each side.  Once the shock was removed, moving the decklid around to get it to release from the car was easy.

The shocks are so strong that they crushed the latch mechanism on the decklid.  I will be ordering the lock and the decklid portions today to put it back together.

Thanks for all the help!!!!


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