Dear Canadian friends,

I am looking at the Pantera of Brian
I like what he has done to it and have received some more pictures showing a nice restoration.
Can anyone share some information on this car (I do not have the Vin number yet). I am also looking for someone who can have a first look at the car. I am based in belgium so a quick personal visit is out of the question (you know how it goes the learjet is in for maintenance and the new personal Airbus i ordered needs to have the interior tweaked...;o)
So any input is welcomed.

Thanks already.

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I think you contacted this guy. The car must be in or near Toronto.

Vereeken, we will all be passing through Toronto on our way to Niagara Falls next weekend and I'm sure some of us can check it out for you.

Looks like a very nice car for decent price.
David, thank you . The seller also is responsive and seems honest. He lives in Keswick Ontario. The vin number is THPNLS01847.
He is ok with a visit of a fellow Pantera owner so if someone would be willing to drop by I would appreciate that very much.

Michel, there are two Pantera events coming up in Ontario: Niagara Falls this month and Kingston in September.

I am sure that Mark, David, Will and the boys will figure something out for you with regards to the cat north of Toronto. They've all been very helpful to me ...

Continued good luck with your search.
The seller is bringing his car to Niagara Falls. We will all have a chance to inspect the car for you Michel. It looks like real beauty and we will be sad to see it leave the country.

PM or email me your contact info please. Include a phone number where I can call after seeing the car.
They are very helpful indeed. THe way this is going now the car will be leaving Canada, but hey part of the Belgian folks also speak french and we too have some serious bad weather ;o) she will feel right at home!

So and so. I decided to pass ont car. It was good but not excellent, and I was looking for a no-issues car. In the meantime I contracted Jim Cozzolino to find me a "perfect" car or start a resto.

I tell you it is not easy.

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