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Boy, we've surely hijacked this topic, and it's a parts for sale post to boot! lol.... How do you hijack a classified add? lol.....We sure have done it!

And I'm a moderator! I'm supposed to control this sort of thing. Me bad! Shhhh, maybe Mark isn't looking.

Steve, I apologize. I hope you sell a bunch of your CF parts, truly. I wish you success in your endeavor.

Funny Jeff, your comment about the looks of the Noble reminds me of a comment I made about the new Bugatti, which DeTom wrote favorably about a while back. Just goes to show you, it's in the eye of the beholder. Hey, at least we all agree on the Pantera.

DDT, I would love to own a Noble! The Pantera was in my price range, the Noble isn't. I liked the Pantera's big rear trunk too.

You guys know, I'll defend your right to disagree with me to the end. And one of the biggest factors in my decision to buy a Pantera, instead of another mid engine sports car in the $40K range, was you guys, this great family of fellow Pantera owners. I think we can all agree on that too!

Your friend on the DTBB, George
Hey! He said Fresno! I'm from there.
I used to work outa my garage too when I was 17. Watch it buddy. Big Grin
Posted January 12, 2006 08:50 AM
I don't know. I think it would be quite interesting. Not the separate panels idea, but the entire car. The guy's company has already built this car and it's 90% carbon so they have experience.
Used to work outa my garage too.I would agree with you if we're talking about a guy in Fresno working out of his garage. But looking over the
Well it all depends on what the carbon fiber body would cost really. If it comes out for around ten grand it would certainly be worthwhile. If however it was fifty grand then buying a differant car would be more reasonable. I think we need to give this guy a chance to show what he can do. We all need keep an open mind, as much as possible with old coots like us anyway.
Originally posted by Oucipi:
What kind of parts would YOU guys prefer?

• Headlight cubs and lift system (this is a HEAVY system in original)
• Shifter linkage system (same to this)
• Glue in firewall with a double polycarbonate window
-replace the original steel firewall
• stiffening kit for the engine compartment (Goran style)
• Engine electric box
-to glue (or bolt) in, in a cut out in the left firewall
-Enough room to mount a digital MSD and all the regular electric stuff in
• Gas tank heat shield
• Engine covers
• Front fenders
• Doors and hoods
• Wheelhouse for the rear wheels
• Under body panels
• Suspension parts (A-arms)
• Other parts?

Hello from Switzerland!

A CF bellypan!!!

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