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Gee Dave,

I'm drunk with power. I just may become a "veryfast canadian" and write the War and Peace of the unique Pantera ownership experience.

I had gotten a lot of emails from CDN owners who want to meet. Those of us in the frozen north have nothing like the donut gangs and the dozens of events the Southern Cal guys enjoy. So when I asked Dave for the email adresses of CDN owners so we could try an arrange a few meets (and stop annoying all the Ferarris and Porsches with our rear view) Dave decided to do this. Nice!

Okay Mark. The snow is gone. And my car is ready (usually takes me until September). Let's get together!
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Hi David,
You Rock man! Thanks to Dave A as well for allowing such a flagrant waste of forum space!

My car is still in my shop undergoing an engine bay refurb. You so humiliated me with a big engine AND a spotless bay. My GT40 obsession (saving....) prevents the engine upgrade, but the engine bay is now devoid of 33 year-old undercoating and will soon have a clean epoxy coat (hope it works). That, plus I am going to the states to pick up a bunch of parts. Hopefully no more than a couple of weeks and I'm done. Thankfully I have a huge shop at my disposal so I could work through the ugly weather! Please see proof of effort... JUST a few hours of scraping anl solvent abuse...


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Hi David, I said I hoped to be done in a few weeks, not it would take a few. I've been at it for over a month now and have it almost ready for the top coat. Keep in mind I'm just re-undercoating (with epoxy bed-liner), not doing a relly pro paint job. Hands are normal size, but a bit more scraped up to be sure, and it's MUCH harder on my back! As for parts, I am getting some 17" wheels, spreader bar, alum valve covers and a bunch of other stuff that's slightly better condition than I have now (water tanks are shot). I love the look of my stock Campy's but who can resist 335/35/17 rear tires? Thanks for the offer of help, which when I get in too deep, I'll take you up on. So far, not too deep yet.
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