Now you know the car started life as 6232 (THPNNC06232). If it were fully assembled with other Panteras in that sequence, the original door "build date" would have been either 9/73 or 10/73.

The questions are why and when did 6232 become 8735, when was it first sold, under which VIN was it first sold?

You can attempt to acquire a Marti report for THPNNC06232 and see what happens. If Marti has no report for 6232, that would indicate the coach was set aside for some reason ... and final assembly may have taken place at a later time, such as during the "Post Ford Era". If Marti does have a report, well the mystery only deepens. Smiler

If you were to acquire a Marti report it will tell you the original port of entry, the original destination (dealer). I've checked the first registry, the one put together by Bill Van Ess, there's no information regarding 6232 in there.
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You just referred to the president of the oldest Pantera Club, an old guy who has helped you, as "chick". I don't think that's his name.

I think NC, on your part, stands for no comprehension.
Chuck, sorry for the typo, no disrespect. Just typing without checking the spelling.

I am still laughing over the title "Reaper" and the picture...ha ha..too funny!

Thanks Chuck for the constructive insight! I really do appreciate it! I Look forward to figuring this out.....
his name isn't chuck either ... you didn't notice George P posted that?

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Originally posted by PanteraZog:
Chick, why do know that the NC should be in the VIN? Why THPN"NC" would u know that? Or expect that?

Originally posted by PanteraZog:
.I am extremely frustrated with being initidated with responses that are obvious.
.let's stop with the insulting exchange.
.I know my way around a car, and vehicle ID plates..

Dude, at the risk of being assUme to be obvious to an expert.

You have provided BSN, MN, ZF and stampings that imply the car was assembled around september of october 1973
Originally posted by George P:
Now you know the car started life as 6232 (THPNNC06232). If it were fully assembled with other Panteras in that sequence, the original door "build date" would have been either 9/73 or 10/73.


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Good morning,
I am communicating with many people to determine the history an authenticity of my Pantera. Chuck at Prova Mo and George have been great help. Going back and forth with many, many correspondences between George and Chuck, I inadvertently typed "Chick" instead of Chuck and the message was meant for George.
My apologies. As for the smoking comment by the "Reaper" please keep your none productive comments to yourself. I have no time for them and I am sure the club doesn't have the time either.
Thank you Chuck, George and the individual that offered the bucket comment. It has helped move me closer to an answer. I will order, a Marti Report today and keep the club abreast of the results.
I have receive the VIN search from "The Marti Report" company and have attached it below for the groups viewing. Thanks to George, Chuck and the individual who suggested the bucket research in the headlight, we have a very good, if not exact VIN match. By George using the ZF, engine number and the number stamped on both headlight buckets a VIN was cross referenced on the line chart.....THPNNC06232.

Attached please find a copy of the Mart report. We now know the car had been imported to a New Jersey port and to a Manhattan Lincoln Mercury Dealer. I will call or email them next to find out more on vehicle, if the dealership exists.

If there is anything else I should do, or steps I should be taking to identify more about this vehicle please write and I will move on it.

Thank you, Brian


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I did buy it from the B/J and have all the original paperwork for that transaction, which includes the sellers phone number. I have called him and he has returned my calls stating he knows nothing more than he bought the car from a guy in PA where it was stored in a container. It was a flip by the seller.....The previous title info was from PA. That's all I have.
Interesting stuff. My car is very close to this car 6243 and was originally orange and ordered through the same New York District sales office. The entire top left half on your marti is identical to mine other than the car number. Of course though with more information often comes more questions. I think many would agree that Marti reports are much more informative and accurate on other Ford vehicles, such as Mustangs. One discrepancy I see already is that your marti has 103 cars ordered from this DSO and mine has 114 being listed from the same DSO. Not that, that seems like a big deal but it may also mean some of the other info is not quite accurate, in your hunt for more information. One thing that martis don't take into account (as far as I know) are dealer transfers. So the dealership listed may not be the dealer that completed the actual sale and likely did not do the renumbering.

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