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Read this thread first, and you can see if the engine number matches. Then engine number is stamped on the rear of the block, on the driver's side.

Do you have access to the car? What are the last 4 digits of the VIN number?

Maybe someone can look at ProvaMo for you....

Engine Number ID Tag

You can buy a "Marti" report, but that doesn't tell you the engine number.

I am not aware of an "official" place to find either the engine number, or the ZF number. Those are the only things to "match".....
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Nando, DeTomasos are not numbers-matching cars; that is a Chevy thing. If you find a car with its original engine still in place, you'd better hope its previous owners either treated it gently or it was recently competently rebuilt. Even today, function is considered more important than originality.

About the best one can hope for are casting dates on major parts that more-or-less match the time of construction. I note you live in Sydney; Australia built its own version of the Pantera (an unknown number) with lots of local content not found elsewhere. The Aussie-cast 351-Cs probably did NOT get serialized.

The ZF is also numbered but in 45 years no one has ever matched those stamped numbers to any comprehensible scheme relating to serial numbes. ZFs were used in a whole variety of limeted production mid-engined cars, not just DeTomasos so we aren't even sure a given ZF was intended for a DeTomaso.

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