Hey all you Goosers and early Pantera owners with dash one boxes that have
been here!!!!

What did you end up using for a clutch disc???? What was the basic core
part...? I want to document this for future owners. Certainly, this disc is
a modified part, but what makes the best core piece to start with???

I have some work to do yet, but my clutch guy would like to get the
"formula" down pat for the future....

My pilot bushing adaptor sticks out of the crank about .750" and appears to
have been occasionally touching the disc center hub.... so a bit more
clearancing may be needed.
Not sure if this is the original adaptor or another hand made piece for my
custom car......
I can measure it and post dimensions. Perhaps pic's too!

I have a Chebbie disc that I will be checking for interference with the
flywheel bolts... and it's hub will need to be shortened also, but I may
end up staying with what he called a "Long" style disc, which was in the
car. (I'm guessing it was a Hays, as the pressure plate was Hays.)

Using the Chev disc involves dissassembling the hub, turning it 180 around,
then machining off the flywheel side of the hub.... not a big deal, just
need to get it straight!

Steve Liebenow
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