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SmilerI have 5 sets of C-4 Corvette seats left for sale. From now until Christmas day these 5 sets are $50. off the $650. regular price. For $600. plus shipping you can have a set of these comfortable seats that look like they were made for your car. All seats come with cleaned and painted frames, new vinyl upholstery, hardware and insallation instructions. Use your stock Pantera seat tracks and install them in just two hours. You'll be amazed at how nice they feel. I have sold 32 pairs of these seats to Pantera owners.

Gary Herrig

(253) 847-0351 or e-mail me at
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Thank you very much for the fine service and help with my installation questions. The seats are great! Actually they look better than in the photos.

To the group:

If you are thinking about the seats, Gary does a great job. He sent the seats on the day promised. Follow the simple instructions and you are done in a couple of hours. I thought about his seats early in the summer & waited until last month. I wish I ordered earlier so I could have enjoyed them sooner.

Feel free to contact me if any questions.
Dave McManus
I just finished installing my seats from Gary. The workmanship and service was outstanding!! The seats are WAY more comfortable than the stock seats. Taller people may have an issue, but I am 5'7" and they fit very well. Gary was even able to match the rest of the upholstery, that my car was done in. Highly recommend Gary and his seat conversion kit!!

Gary T. Ford #06984
For those a little taller, I am 6'w/32" inseam, and solved the height issue with the C-4 seats by removing the screen and springs under the bottom cushion for an extra inch, I have no problems. Also, the 1/2" spacers in the floor to lift the seat rails above the carpet can be removed for a little more, though the seat won't be able to move very easily.
I just received my seats from Gary also. I am very happy, thrilled really. I convinced Gary to do them in black leather, without the perforated holes like original Corvette seats. They were twice the cost, but exactly what I wanted. That's still less than the $4,400 optional seats available on the new Ferrari F-430 featured in Jan. '05 Road & Track, p.65. I think they look better than those Ferrari seats too. They feel great, with lateral support for the legs and lower torso. Gary wasn't going to do them in leather, but now I think will if you ask him. His seats are shown both in a Pantera and out in the driveway on page 42 of the 2004 #2 POCA Profiles quarterly magazine. Nice pics Gary. Very nice job you did for me, thank you.
Hello all,
I have a question for Gary that might be of interest to the entire group. I'm going to use my Pantera at the track starting next spring and my helmet touches the roof. I have removed the 2 elastic straps to lower the "butt pad" a little but I remember when I installed them last year that there were some washers or spacers between the seat rails and the floor. Do you know off hand if there is a different combination of spacers that would lower the back or maybe they could be removed all together? I'd go out and see but it's below zero out and there is about a foot of snow on my driveway. For any one who is considering these seats, they're a great update and they also look like they came with the car. Most of my friends drive Vettes and they didn't recognize them.
Hi Korina,
You can remove the blocks under your seat tracks but this will bow the tracks and cause them to bind up. This will make it hard to move your seat forward and backwards. You could try removing the rear block only or put it under the front of the track with the front block. This might give you enough clearence to move the tracks easily. You can also cut some of the foam off the bottom of the seat cushion. This could give you about 1/2" more headroom.
Good luck
I just received a pair of Gary's seats and they are first class. Though not installed yet, I sat in them and they are far more comfortable than the stock style seat. Gary embroidered the DeTomaso logo on each head rest and cut some of the foam so I would not lose any headroom. His responses, workmanship and prices were first rate. I recommend his seats highly.
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