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They have a different rating 420HP/390ft/lb TQ for the Mustang vs. 380HP/380ft/lb TQ for the F150.

Here's what I found;

The 5.0 liter is beefed up for truck duty with specific exhaust manifolds, slightly lower compression (10.5:1 versus 11.1:1) and new heads with different valve angles (to allow for fuel cooling of the intake charge). The camshafts are also less aggressive and tuned for torque compared to the Mustang GT application.

The Boss 302 variant certainly has reworked heads and different internals, with higher compression ratio again.

There's a lot of Mustang engines available in the US, I guess it is a question of FX rate and shipping cost vs. the availability of F150 in Europe.

How does all the VVT work do you need to run the Ford ECU?

Corey Price has a lot of information on a Coyote swap, I will PM you his email as he's banned from the forum for some reason.

As far as I know the F150 has different camshafts and a different oil filter pedestal. I think other than that they are the same. There are several aftermarket options for ecu that will control VVTI. My personal preference is Link engine management (ViPec). When I originally did the swap in my Meteor in 2012 I worked with them to develop the trigger patterning for the Coyote. As far as I know we were the first ones to get a Coyote running on an aftermarket ECU with fully functional VVTI.

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