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I've always wanted a Campy hose reel. Bring it to the tech on Saturday?

I've had the same thought, but it's not my wheel. I merely borrowed it from a friend while I'm refinishing my wheels.

Believe it or not. That wheel can be welded and completely repaired.

Yes, it can be restored, but at what cost? Larry Stock used to do it for something like $326 per wheel, but I don't think he offers that service anymore. A set of Campy 7's and 8's go for about $100-$300 on eBay, and I've seen several sets for $50 because folks want to reclaim garage space. So, it's doubtful that this wheel will be fixed/restored. If it were a 10" Campy, it would be another story.
Probably a couple of hundred, true.

The key in value to the 15" Campis is going to be the availabilaty of v or better rated radials.

To me it seems unlikely that the 15" is going to be dominated by crap like TA's.

Manufacturers are missing the boat by not making any. I think they are wrong.

I find it difficult to believe that each and every one of the "classic cars" is a trailer queen.

Someone like Coker could decide to make them tomorrow and then the 15" Campi could wind up being pretty valuable.

Don't forget that Pirelli still lists the P7's and runs a batch every so often.

Has everyone who went to 16, 17, 18" wheels dumped thier Campis?

Maybe the nicest set of Pantera wheels I have seen lately was a fully polished set of 8/10" Campis. To say they were nice is a gross understatement. They were as nice as the aftermarkets I've seen.
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