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We want to thank the Crown Concepts team for hosting a great show.

The Ferrari 355, Lambo Diablo, and my Pantera got invited inside.

The cars and the facility is incredible, and they served FREE BEER!

It was a great event. See for yourself.

Best of Show (in my opinion, anyway)

One of the "Car Guyz" rides...

Some of the super cars in the Crown Concepts collection...

And another super Pantera....

Anyway, you can go here for a slide show of the pictures I took. You can leave them running on your computer - It will be like you were there.

Hope you enjoy the pix...

Slideshow of Crown Concepts Car Extravaganza...

A few years ago I bought a Maserati Merak

It cost me £5000, it was in pieces.

I rebuilt the 4 cam citroen based engine, but found the car to be an absolute money pit, everything was megabucks.

Fortunately I managed to get my cash back.
Lovely car to look at but not a gem like the Bora.

It tought me a hard earned lesson, to do some homework before committing to buy!

Great Pics thank you.

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