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Pictured above is:

A custom made aluminum Pantera radiator, manufactured by Evans Cooling.
  • Single pass design.
  • The core consists of two rows of 1-1/2 inch wide tubes.
  • 1-3/4 inch (45mm) inlet and outlet nipples.
  • Designed to maximize the coolant flow rate.
  • Built-in fan shroud for mounting 11 inch "puller style" fans behind the radiator. The fans were centered on the shroud.
  • The shroud is welded in-place in such a way that it would be easy to remove it for racing.

2 each Spal VA03 11” hi performance fans. 1390 cfm each. Mounted on radiator.

2 each Spal VA09 11” slim design fans. 970 cfm each. Includes the optional mounting tabs.

2 each Spal “PWM” electronic fan speed controllers, including temperature sensors. The controllers vary fan speed based on coolant temperature. Fully adjustable.

Spal 185°F temperature switch.

Spal 195°F temperature switch.

45mm (1-3/4”) to 38mm (1-1/2”) silicone adapter hose, straight

45mm (1-3/4”) to 38mm (1-1/2”) silicone adapter hose, 90° elbow

Not shown: I’ll be happy to throw in any other hoses and tubing I have for adapting the radiator to a stock cooling system. Unfortunately I did not acquire any 45mm to 35mm (1-3/8”) adapter hoses, because I had planned on using 1-1/2" tubing. HPS silicone reducing elbows 45mm to 35mm are $29 each from the manufacturer.

The secondary pair of slim design fans give you options regarding how far you need to lay-over the radiator in order to make clearance for the fans and plumbing.

The equipment I’m providing gives you many options for controlling the fans.
  • Both fans controlled by one temperature switch
  • Each fan controlled by a separate temperature switch
  • One fan's speed modulated by a PWM, the other turned off or on by the same PWM
  • One fan's speed modulated by a PWM, the other turned off or on by a temperature switch
  • The speed of both fans modulated by separate PWMs

You may need to acquire one or two Spal “FRH” fan relay harnesses depending upon what fan control scheme you decide upon. They are readily available for about $35 each.

There’s over $1700 worth of equipment here, the radiator alone cost $1000. Everything is new old stock (about 10 years old but never used). I’m asking $700 plus shipping for everything, but I’ll consider any respectful offer. The radiator shall be shipped in one box, and everything else in another. I prefer to ship only to US or Canadian addresses. Local pick-ups are welcome.


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I'm bumping this to the top, and I just gotta say I can't believe nobody has PM'd me with an offer. Just because I asked for $700 doesn't mean I won't consider a lower offer.

So my offer is $600 now. Challenge me with a counter-offer.

I purposely designed this radiator to offer as many possibilities as possible for changes in design. I would have used it myself except I decided to keep the cooling system of #6018 as "stock looking" as possible.

There's so many guys that want to modify & customize their Pantera. You wouldn't think twice about purchasing a Fluidyne radiator. I guarantee the quality of this Evans radiator will run circles around a Fluidyne radiator. The two pairs of fans are worth $600; I'm just tossing-in a $1000 radiator for free.

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