Question, trying to trace my Pantera (9193) so I contacted Mr. Schaub to see what he had. He responded with he only had info on the engine. Nothing else. I backed off from sending the $70.00 he wants when his ID high jack post appeared.

Do you guys see any value in paying $70.00 to get a copy of the original engine record ?

Not being a Ford guy I have been trying to nail down the engine model with little success. Then again I know next to nothing on these engines. It looks to be the original Cleveland engine. Drak blue paint , Holley carb, dual point auto lite dist, aluminum intake with a 600 cfm (?) Holley carb with headers.  Sound about right ?

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Chassis 9193 should have an Australian made Cleveland. The Autolite distributors were single point distributors however. And beginning 1979 the Australian engines were painted black, and were equipped with Bosch breakerless distributors.

The OEM carb was a 650 cfm double pumper Holley, list 0-4777. The OEM exhaust was the De Tomaso GTS exhaust, which had tube headers.

Do the heads have a number 2 or number 4 cast into the upper corners? If so those are US heads. If the upper corners are "bare" they are Australian heads. If its a US engine, the block will have a casting date of 1974 or earlier.

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