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OK, not really. But after a few generations and feedback/input from friends, I am finally ready to make public my official cars website. Mostly done to keep track of what I've been doing on the cars and share my efforts with others. I've already noticed a few typos I didn't catch in the last update. Always a work in progress.



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Brad, Wayne, Mic, William, JD, Erik, Garth, Brian, Terry & Derrick;

Thanks for the kind words and nice feedback guys.

William: I keep the chick locked in the car so she won't go missing!

Erik: Check your e-mail...

JD: The GT40 is a 1987 GTD. Made in the UK and was complete, but rough when I got her. Getting closer to where I want, but it's been a fair bit of work (but nothing compared to Ron McCall's complete build from scratch!). Paint will be next years project if I get the interior and other mechanical stuff done soon. I love the sound of a Pantera, but this sounds even better (ask those who have heard it to believe me).

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