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BHCC relies heavily on photos to portray a car and they minimize verbiage.  When they get a car that runs well, they add the phrase "mechanically sound" and this car is described as such.  They really went out on a limb and wrote that the car "is ready to be driven and enjoyed".  They do not allow test drives but they encourage and support professional inspections.  I have found them to be no nonsense and nice people.

I am not far from BHCC and would be willing to there and help you guys understand the car better.

I like the specialized Calif. plates- PANTY. More than likely with that fuel system the car probably runs very quirky but sure looks bad ass. NO air filters. I'll bet 20 bucks the A/C won't work. Looks like a So. Cal. car so, probably doesn't have much cancer. Steve lives up there, he could check it out. The price seems not to unreasonable but, you can spend alot of money fixing stuff real quick. I learned the hard way. Can you believe how much just tires cost? MY car is for sell and it's dialed in, ready to drive.


My friend Warren, that's interested in the red Pantera, knows Panteras well and likes the look of that car, Webbers, upsized wheels, California car, etc. He is prepared to spend the extra money to take care of the visible issues. If Steve is willing and able to look the car over, unknowns may be put to rest and a sale is likely immediately.

Please tell me something about your car.

Thank you,


Pretty sure it is nitrous.  Nitrous systems have plumbing for the nitrous itself along with additional fuel that is powered by spereate electric fuel pump.  The arrow on the lower left shows a large fuel line coming from the pump to a distribution block that reaches to nozzles on all eight ports.  The arrow on the right points to the nozzle in for cylinder #1 or #2.  I don't see the plumbing for the nitrous, only the fuel, but it has to be there.  I put this type of nitrous system on a boat a while back.

It is probably best to remove this nitrous system.  It is not difficult to take it out.  The holes in the intake manifold ports for the nozzles are tapped and can be easily filled with pipe plugs.



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Nitrous needs to be tuned, too. I remember autocrossing against such a Pantera at a big meet a long time ago. Nitrous was not allowed in the series but he swore not to use it, so we didn't force him to remove the bottle. After getting beat a couple of times, midway through his last run the engine suddenly made a LOT more noise, accelerated like a rocket and spun off the course and into a fence.....


Your car has had good mods and looks great. Do you have the deck screen that fits over the motor? Is it a California car? I understand you might be asking 129K. Seems fair.


Just to be nosy, what's the verdict on that red Pantera with Webers? I'd like to see Warren in a Pantera again. He has two beautiful Vettes, and his wife has a C8. Good people.


The car at BHCC is a project.  Its body and wheels are quite nice.  The paint has some chips that can be fixed.  Interior needs some help.  But the car needs engine work (blows smoke) and does not produce enough vacuum for the brake booster.  Maybe it is just the Webers but the rotating assembly seemed out of sorts.  The suspension is probably original and needs to be redone.  It clunks going over bumps meaning the lower front ball joints are done.  It probably needs shocks.  Warren is not sure how to proceed.

Oh, it's so good that you went for a look. That's a heap of smallish issues but can be expensive. Warren likes his cars to look good and run well, but he usually does not work on them except for the minor gremlins. He does have friends that can do the work, but they do charge. The motor rebuild is the big ticket. You seem to have to many Panteras, any for sale?

Thank you for your help.



I am in Virginia. My friend Warren, who is looking for a Pantera, lives near me. He is planning on selling one of his fantastic C2 Vettes to partially fund a Pantera. I haven't spoken to him about the red Pantera Steve looked over, so I don't know if he wants to take on that much project. He's a savvy guy, has had many cool cars, but smart about them.

I'll ask him about yours, but I don't think he wants to spend quite that much. It's a nice-looking car.

My daughter just bought her first house 20 miles inland in Santee Calif here in San Diego county 120 days ago . A 1500 square foot 1/4 acre 52 year old major fixer in a blue collar neighborhood was 700K. You need to make big money to live in Del Mar. I have three reasons to live here, Weather, family and some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. If not for all of that I would hall ass to Texas, Tennessee or Florida. I'm ashamed to say that I have been a Californian for 62 years, this place used to be one of the best places to live on the planet.

More off topic talk - I wanted to retire to San Diego 3 years ago - wife said no. As lifetime Michigan residents, many thought I was nuts to think about heading west. It is different if you grew up in CA, but the cost of living/fires/mud slides (per my wife) doesn't work well with retirees. Our son has put down roots (career, house, fiance) in MI so we do not want to stray far. Plus - you can't beat Michigan in the Spring/Summer/Fall - so many lakes/lake towns.....!!

I do show my wife the San Diego weather during our nasty cold January days and I always say - "we don't have to put up with this anymore" if you choose to leave!! So - we do the snowbird thing to shorten our winters!!

We do like to vacation in CA - may be heading back to Pebble Beach for the show this year!

Good luck with selling your car!

Sorry if this is a bit off topic.

Can I say to all those in California and Texas in front of the recent wild fires , which have been on the news here , we are feeling your pain and hope and wish only for the very best outcomes for all those impacted by these disasters. Australia and the West in particular have had some awful bush fires in the last few years and we know first hand the reality and the long term impacts.

Be prepared and stay safe.

And build a fire proof garage!

@tomkuester posted:

You seem to have to many Panteras, any for sale?

Hi Tom,

I was at three Panteras and now I am down to two with the end goal of having just one.  Thus, one more will be ready to sell in three or four months.  It is a 72 Pre L and is essentially a new car.  The chassis was taken down to bare metal and walnut shell blasted.  There is zero rust on the car.  Suspension, engine, and ZF are all redone and in the car.  The engine is running and the car will be driving soon.  The interior has not been started yet and it will take a while.  The engine was done by Clay Smith Engineering (Mr. Horsepower).  The engine and ZF were born with the car.

This is how it looks today.



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