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@lf-tp2511 posted:


The offering from Mr. fiat is not the wheel pictured at the top of this thread

transsami link to Roin wheel, and Chuck’s guess, appear correct


I think they are, look at the additional pics on the Mr Fiat website, they are of the same car (same pics!) as in the auction at BaT

(But, of course, Mr Fiat is probably selling the Roin wheels, although there´s an oddity regarding the width. Roin´s 10x17 seems a little narrow for a 335 tire, maybe it´s a typo?)

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upon closer inspection I now follow what you are saying.

I don’t think I have ever seen or heard of a wheel design that is presented in two very visually different designs depending on the width.

EDIT - 🙄 The original factory wheels only had the ribs on the rear rims. There were never any on the front rims.

So the Mr. Fiat rims are sort of paying homage to the OEM wheels, but taking some liberty with the 5 front wheel ribs

Something still just seems wrong about the combination🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


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Thanks. I sent a message to Roin in Italy.
I asked the seller who had this to say:

"I bought them through Mr. Fiat. I have requested information about the manufacture, but they only tell me that they are made in Italy by a small specialty wheel manufacturer. I did require that the rears be made with a 15mm positive off-set to bring the wheel/tire profile inboard for a clean look. The fronts came with a positive off set and fit great. Since the fronts are 9-inch it does reduce your steering radius in parking lots, otherwise, I too love these wheels, very happy with the quality and performance."

Interesting that they can customize them.

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