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The lines that goes to the rear brakes worked but, they were a big hassle to make fit. The front lines must have been for a different car ( not even close ) I should have just bought a roll of line and did it myself like I'm going to do now. I could have saved 150 bucks! although 150 bucks is not what it use to be.

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Soft copper tubing is not intended to be used with 1,000psi pressure.

It is for water supply uses which will seldom excede 200 psi.

It will work for a time, then it will fail by splitting and cause a sudden loss of pressure to the brake caliper.

Check your "strength of materials" handbook and or get a specific product recommendation from the manufacturer listed on the tubing that you bought.

This can be a lethal mistake and a case where a little knowledge can be dangerous.

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