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I bought very recently a Pantera #1571 in California and shipped it over to France. Unfortunatly, there were no keys provided for the doors and the door of the engine compartment. I have only two keys for the ignition which do not work on the doors. The seller told me that I have to replace the door locks and that I should look for Mercury Capri locks. Do you have any advice for me?

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if you can take the cylinder out, and take it to a good locksmith hi can fix a key.

Don't bother removing lock cylinders, just drive the car over to your favorite locksmith and he can make keys for those locks.
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On my Dec.'72 build L, the rear deck lid and door key (at left) is very different than the ignition key, seen here on the right, so
As others have said, take the car or all 3 locks to a (hopefully Italian) locksmith!

Yes so shall look like.
Fiat 126/127 lock cylinders to doors and deck lid.

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