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Interior is still out and I noticed when I took the door opener off to do some paint touch up (not correctly installed and damaged the rear of the cutout in the door skin) that the buckets left and right where broken and also the handle return spring on the driver side was broken…IMG_1498you can see the cracks on the webbing going up from the spring!

I sent the passenger side opener to Larry,  @If-tp2511 and he artfully made the lock fit the key I had and he also replaced the not shiny trim around the lock cylinder and the little door of the cylinder!!! Now the lock works and it looks like new… aside from the broken bucket…IMG_1507

I got the new buckets from PIM and they came with new pin and clips to hold it in place IMG_1506

Soaked the pin / handle with WD 40 (on the drivers side the pin was rusted into place and I had to dissected into small pieces to get it out ) drilled out the top of the pin carefully and tap the pin outIMG_1493


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Taking it apart and put it in order as it came outIMG_1516IMG_1517

arranging everything the way, I took it out! Especially the clocking of the lock

also pay attention the way the Rod is attached

IMG_1518trading buckets

Thread lock… IMG_1520
Grease on all the moving partsIMG_1521make sure that the lock is clocked the same way as it was taken out!

IMG_1523Entrusting the spring and greasing itIMG_1524

pin partial in , spring as well just a bit on the pin… enough to be able to move the spring away to be able to get the arm down…. It’s a process☹️🤪IMG_1525

pin all the way … fiddle a bit with the spring to relax its position because it gets pushed sideways when you tap the pin in..


first clip installed IMG_1527

Clip #2 in place

And it’s done:✅ IMG_1528


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‼️please read! It’s worth it‼️IMG_1542

I put the door handles on the car today…

now here is a MAJOR pain in the ass!!!

The original buckets have a little cone shaped indentation where the bolts goes in from the inside to hold the handle on IMG_1543

the new buckets do not have that.. On the one side, it’s good because it gives more meat to bite for the screw on the other hand. What a pain to get the bolts in…

if I would start all over again, I definitely ‼️100% ‼️ would put studs in the buckets that would make the life so much easier! You may have to elongate the hole in the door with a little tiny key file, but so worth it!

So this is the tip of the day: put studs in the buckets with loctite  before you put them in - one flat washer, self locking nut And life is good! It will save you two hours (well, it would have saved ME two hours) you can disregard this suggestion if you have micro hands with eyeballs on the tip of your fingers!


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