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The Canadian Pantera forum is hosting an event for Quebec and Ontario owners and all our US brothers and sisters. We have a few nice locations selected for a relaxing lunch, nice views and a drive through the changing fall colors. Depending on who is coming from where, we'll pick the most central location with the least travel for all.

Saturday, October 15
(October 16th rain date)

Please advise David or Mark and tell us a) if you can make the date and b) where you are located.

We'll update this post with complete details as soon as we have your replies.
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How are you and your girlfriend? I can't make it on that weekend at all, 15th or 16th.

The wedding ends at midnight on Sat the 15th. I'm going to be drinking and partying right up until that time, I'm sure. I'd have to leave by 6:am to be there by noonish, and leave Canada by 6: pm to be home by midnightish.

We can't stay overnight because we both have work on Monday the 17th. That's a lot of driving on very little sleep! I definitely don't want to fall asleep driving, going there or especially coming home.

I would really like to go, but unless it gets shifted to another weekend, I won't be able to.

Completely. Nothing but rain with the odd hour-long break. Also, several of the potential participants were not available due to other commitments, or were still undertaking repairs.

We will be planning something for next spring and request any and all suggestions for venues and dates.
Thanks Michael. You're definitely going to get advance notice and input as I really want to see your car in person! I wasn't able to make the Poconos trip this year, but it is high on the priority list for next year. One thing I'm a bit confused by the difference between the two Pocono events (CSD and La Bella Machina). Do they both have a strong DeTomaso presence? Is one more popular and why?

At first there was only the La Bella event in late June. There was some kind of 'disagreement' between two of the deTomaso organizers. That actually caused one of them to spin his following off, and the Jersey Pantera chapter was formed. JP organize the CSD event independent of the La Bella event. I think that the two events attract two different sets of Panteras as well. I think that the La Bella show is bigger, and Tom Tjaarda was there for their past show.

Mark DeCasien has the whole story.

I knew I could count on you guys for the details. My impression was that the CSD was a bit more intimate and less stuffy, and if I read between the lines above, I gather that is the case. I know that Rob and Lena really enjoyed it and felt that the owner of Pocono Manor was an excellent and welcoming host. So, barring unforseen catastrophes, you'll see me there, if not sooner (if we can have any success at arranging a spring Canadian gathering). Thanks again (Michael and Mark) for the info.

By the way, who's that driving my car (in the front)? Smiler
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