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Jameco, transistors and op amps. The thermal couples are done, and anything using resistor values are done. I am working on using a picVII for rpm and timing advance which times events and sends it to a microprocessor. This is how I set up circuits to read servo values from r/c receivers.

There are several units out there that do this but there would be no fun in that. Smiler
I am in Evansville; SW tip of Indiana. If you get in the area let me know.

I expect it will be about 3 months before I get this all pulled together. I am gathering up all the parts to get the engine fired up, and I need to build one big circuit encompassing all the designs I have been working on.

I am off today working on the RPM circuit. This is pretty cool! This measures 2 things. One to find RPM and the other to measure timing advance.
One of the nicest Panteras here in Dallas/Fort Worth is owned by another SIU grad, Frank Jerome. Frank is a Pantera and ZF transaxle guru and had a business restoring Panteras until a couple of years ago. He still does ZF stuff. He just finished installing an EFI on his award winning black Pushbutton. For his regular work, he just finished up all the concrete construction work on the new Cowboys stadium where he was the superintendent in charge of the project.

Speaking of Illinois schools, how about Eastern Illinois, home Tony Romo, and a several other NFL players and head coaches.

And don't forget the U of I where Crazy Dave graduated from. What a state!
Progress albeit slow is constant. Got the mufflers welded up today:

Most of the circuits including RPM and timing advance have been worked out. Working on getting the entire platform setup. Building each circuit individually to read each parameter.

This could all be smaller but having it segmented this way allows me to change components easier:

This is really just the start. When everything is proven it will be shrunk.
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