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There are FOUR different schematics but due to running changes during the entire production time of the Pantera, very likely NO schematic will perfectly match any Pantera. Order one with a published date close to your cars build date and annotate it to match your particular machine. All U.S. Pantera  vendors sell 24" x 36" laminated schematics for this use. Smaller ones are found on the POCA Web site for free member download.

All Pantera vendors also have used and reconditioned A/C components available:,,  and others. Contact them for info on using R-12, R-134a and other freons in stock systems.

If you are not restoring to a concours stock, the oem A/C was lackluster at best and more modern components can significantly improve it.

Join POCA and you can get access to all the documentation, there are also electric schematics put together by SOBill plus a wealth of other good information on Mike Dailey's Pantera Place website;


While I may be wrong in this case (because I haven’t really looked, I haven’t seen the vendors with an insulation “kit”....

...but if your engine is out, it’s pretty easy to apply your own insulation on the inside of the firewall.  I covered mine with stainless steel panels.

You can also sandwich some thin insulation under the fiberglass bulkhead cover, as well.

Pretty easy, and useful job.


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