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Prior to using electronic Tesla Model S parking brake calipers on my Pantera, I used calipers made by Stop Tech for their big brake kits ( The ones I used were from their Audi S4 kit and the part # is ST-10. I had Control Cables modify a set of brand new Audi S4 cables, to be hybrid cables; Audi on the ends, Pantera in the middle. The calipers were mounted on brackets to work with 12.19" x 1.25" rear rotors. I used them for about 250 miles before switching to the electronic calipers. They worked unbelievably well as an emergency brake and as a parking brake. It only takes a very light pull on the lever to engage the calipers. No more pulling on the lever as hard as you can! They are most definitely overkill. I had them mounted on the front set of lugs, for "relaxed" cable routing. I had 18" x 12-1/2" rear wheels on a stock bodied car. More backspacing would simply not be possible but there was zero interference or rubbing on the cables.

When I purchased these calipers, they cost about $550 ea. Audi S4 parking brake cables aren't cheap either! I'd like $500 plus whatever shipping costs for the calipers, pads, brackets and associated mounting hardware. Please send me a PM if you'd like them or have questions.

It would be possible to modify the kit to use with different sized rotors. It would involve making different mounting brackets and possibly modifying the calipers. It probably wouldn't be worth the effort but if you're determined to do e-brake turns in your Pantera ...   



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