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To De Tomaso Owners, Enthusiasts, and Forum Members

Banner advertising is the club's new method of generating income, we no longer collect annual member dues. This allows us to provide our services free to you.

Like any business Pantera International needs income to pay its operating expenses. The bill for the forums is 75% of our monthly operating budget, and 50% of our annual operating budget. The club's officers (George and I) do not derive an income from the club, that is prohibited in the corporate by-laws. None of the money collected from sponsor's shall go into our pockets. Our goal is to achieve enough income to pay the club's bills and that's all. So we seek a few select sponsors offering relevant products or services. This allows Pantera International to continue to provide its services (including the forums) free to you. Pantera International's internet media have never been riddled with an intrusive amount of advertising or commercialism, this shall never change as long as George and I are at the helm.

We hope you'll reciprocate the support of the club's sponsors, and encourage their continued sponsorship, in four ways:

  • By publically referring to them and their products respectfully.
  • By considering them when it comes time for you to purchase parts or services.
  • If you contact them please let them know you saw their banner ad on the forums or web site.
  • Also let them know you appreciate their support of Pantera International.

Thank you for being understanding.

To Prospective Sponsors

If your business offers products or services relevant to De Tomaso owners and enthusiasts and you would like to connect with them, may we interest you in sponsoring our club with a banner ad? There is no better way for a business to achieve high visibility to the greatest number of De Tomaso owners and enthusiasts than via a banner ad on our web site and forums. The banner ad will also feature an embedded link providing owners and enthusiasts a convenient and instantaneous means for navigating to your website.

The forum metrics speak for themselves. Page views per month exceeded 1 million from June of 2017 to May of 2018 and have remained at high levels since. If you wish to connect with De Tomaso owners and enthusiasts this is an ideal place to do it.

Forum Metrics Jan. 2019
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If you have been spending money on printed ads trying to reach the De Tomaso market, it is our assertion that you have been wasting your money.


The price of sponsorship is $100 per month ($1,200 per year).

What That Buys You

  • Your banner ad shall be located prominently on the web site home page.
  • Your banner ad shall be located in the header of every forums page.
  • Your banner ad shall be located in the widget columns of forums pages too.

The standard dimensions of a "large" banner ad are 468 x 60 pixels, a total of 28,080 pixels. Our banner ads are 332 x 100 pixels, a generous 33,200 pixels per ad. That's 18% larger than the standard "large" banner ad. The banners are "click-able" providing members a quick and convenient link to your web site. A "printed ad" can never provide that, and will never reach as many people.


The fee for the banner ad will be automatically billed at the beginning of each month to credit card information you provide. There's no effort on your part to make payment, and the only paperwork is a receipt for your records which we'll email to you each month. This is standard policy for doing business on the internet. There's no contract, you may cancel at any time, and we retain that option as well. Our expectation, besides monthly payment, is for all of our members to be treated with respect if you do business with them.

Your credit card information shall be kept on file via hard copy, it shall not be kept on file on any computer. Our transaction records are also stored via hard copy, they are not stored electronically. We are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, and our computer is scanned daily to validate this. Your credit card and transaction information cannot be hacked.


Please contact the club for further details: 

Pantera International Contact Information


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