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My front and rear window is leaking terribly. I've tried pumping new sealer in there, with no success. I have to give that up, and install new weatherstrip. But that job scares the hell out of me!
If you successfully have done that on your Deauville or Longchamp, could you please give me some hints?
Also, where did you buy new weatherstrip?
Do you have a picture, or even better a drawing of the profile? (I might need to look for a standard type profile).
Thanks a lot!
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Hello! I had the same problem. You can contact Roland @, he stated that he has new weatherstrips. I spoke to Santiago Detomaso yesterday, and he was going to see if the vendor had the ability to make the weatherstrips. I will let you know, but if Roland has them, I would think that was the way to go. FYI: Roland is in Florida until the first of Nov, so he will not be able to check.
I have read the problems with the weatherstrips for the Deauville, I have the same problem. So if you are planning a manufactoring of these parts of you find a dealer for them it woul be grat if you would post it. I am only waiting for these parts befor starting the restoration of my Deauville!
Thanks and best regards from Austria (Europe)
(Deauville 1976)
Thanks, I will contact Roland.
There seems to be several people interested in new weatherstrips. Would be great to have a new production run.
But, the removing and intalling scares me - so please give me some tips about that too. applause
Jani, do you mean cracking of the chrome trim?
I would guess a rechroming shop would be the place to go. Probably quite expensive though.
Yuo might want to ask Jan Krakevik in Vilnius. He is a Norwegian running a restoration shop there. His team has done jobs on at least three DeTomaso's.
See the pictures:
Re the door weatherstrips.

On my Longchamp there is too wide a gap between the very worn out weather strip and the glass.

I was told some Panteras also suffered this design fault but that the US parts houses have a superior aftermarket strip available which comes right up to the flass.

I imagine rubber oon the outside with felt lining.

I am first in the queue for some if anyone can source these.

79 Longchamp GTS 3061
Hi again,
I bought universal strips from a norwegian supplier. It's made by StanPro, p/n is MR87X. The cost in 2005 was around 30 GBP for four doors. Well, I bought two lengths - one was enough. I didn't find it on the StanPro website now (have to register), but found it here:
I used small screws as original, and doublesided tape in addition. See images of before and after. Not the best ones, but I hope you see the difference.
Good luck. Smiler


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Hi there!

Here is a adress in Italy I have got today from a guy who is restoring a Maserati Sebring.
This company is remanufactoring different sealings. The guy was using a front and rear screen sealing for his Maserati and told me that the quality is o.k..

Look at:

Hope that will help someone, I will contact this company these days.

Best regards and a happy new year to all from Austria (Europe)

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