Does anyone have a spare front grille assembly for sale? I will eventually need it for restoration of #3165 as the car did not have one when I aquired it. Thanks
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I do not know the difference. The car is a pre-L 72. Can either one be used? Can you please explain the difference. Thanks
As a Pre-L your car most likely had the version mounted with studs. This means the grill frame had brazed-on threaded studs that poked through mounting holes in the body cavity opening's edge, and received washers and nuts to hold the grill in place. Check your car and see if the holes in this area are drilled, or show evidence of sheet metal screws.

This was replaced with a grill that had not studs, but holes in its perimeter. The grill was held in place with sheet metal screws placed through those holes and screwed into the body cavity's frame.

They were the same size, and I think used the same wire mesh. They are more or less interchangeable, I think.

Don't hold me to that, though. If the later grill's mounting holes happen to line up with the earlier version body holes, you would have a problem screwing them into place (No metal for the screws).

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I think I have what you need. Let me give it a closer look to see exactly what shape it is in. Are you looking for a usable grill or a perfect shiny grill?

Thanks everyone for the clarification it appears that I would need the early with the studs as the holes are too big to accomodate sheet metal screws (unless they are huge, just kidding) All I need is a usable part that is restorable. Welding and straightening is ok with me. Thanks
...Larry has it right! The later models mount with sheet metal screws, But in the case of My '74, there are small 'Metal Clips' that slide over the edge of the Sheetmetal; over the Holes, that the Screws Screw into. So with those clips (found at any auto supply house) there would be NO problems converting from the 'Stud' design to the Screw Mount. I don't like the clips, Myself, I have thought of installing 'NutSerts'; as a More 'Solid' Mount, and I could then use Stainless Steel 'Machine' Screws. One good thing about the Clips...If one should 'Strip-Out', just pry it off and slide on a New one! Keep watching 'Ebay Motors' (Pantera), Those Grills come up for Auction every-so-often. Good-Luck with it!...
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