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There are strips of foam padding on the frame, that the fuel tank sits on. It's the same material that's stuck to the inside of the metal strap that holds the fuel tank in place. It's neoprene rubber but I recall it having a higher density than the neoprene that's used in wetsuits. I'm sure any of the Vendors would have it. McMaster-Carr probably has it too.
Detonator; Being a few weeks behind you on a rebuild, my thoughts on the fuel tank insulation. As previously mentioned, the tank and hold down strap had what is now a very hardened rubber insulator (which I have removed). In fact, the original Pantera Ford parts manual instructions for fuel tank shield weatherstrip is to "improvise". I plan to undercoat the subframe where the tank sits as well as put undercoating around the underside of the tank. Presently, I'm looking at putting an "under hood thermal acoustic lining" between the subframe and tank and on the underside of the hold down strap (description of product in Speedway Motors catalog). Its described as an insulation, self sticking on one side and an aluminized material on the other side which, as advertised, resists oil, water and contaminants. I'm also thinking of applying it to the side of the tank which faces the inner fender (maybe a little extra protection - don't relish the idea of sitting inches away from a full fuel tank). Post what you eventually do - as stated, I'm a few weeks behind your progress.
At this point you both might want to consider using a stainless steel mounting strap and closely examine the surface of the fuel tank where the insulation has been mounted too all of these years.

That is one of the places where the tank will rust through from the outside because of the trapped moisture under that pad.

The thing is 40 years old and the tank and strap are just sheet steel.

It isn't even rust that you will get there. It is galvanic action. Something that galvanizing is supposed to help in that the zinc is supposed to react and protect the steel.

Very often that tank is on the verge of holing through under those sometimes microscopic rust pits. It is not very thick.
My car and fuel tank have no rust to speak of, everything has been painted with rust inhibit paint and sealed, used the sealer from summit for the inside of the tank due to the alcohol in gas. My plan is to use rubber padding and make some shields, other than that just strap it in lol.
The location of the fuel tank is amazing at best, if it were me I would have used the center cockpit and had a real tunnel, and put the tank there.

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