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This people in this forum have been really helpful! I'm trying to start an older '71. I pulled the plugs and squirted oil into the cylinders and hand cranked the motor the next day. I siphoned out the old gas and added a couple gallons of new gas, but the carb wasn't getting any gas.

I read in the forums where  that the original filler tube could likely have pinholes in it. When cranking the car gas flow from the tank into a container the slow and erratic, but when I do it from a gas can, the flow is strong and steady so the fuel pump seems to be working.

I took out the original sending unit (easy to do with the window out) and took some pictures with my phone-see attached and the tank looks pretty clean. I had siphoned out some of the particulates and they were soft and not hard. With the sending unit out I'll try to siphon out more.  I could drain the gas from the bottom of the tank, but would rather not mess with the drain plug a this point. I cut open the gas filter and found it to be surprisingly clean.

Right now, I plan to replace the sending unit with the new one with an integrated pick-up tube and see if that solves the fuel delivery problem.  There are several available from Hall, Wilkinson, PI International and Pantera Parts all different prices from $240 to over $500.

Questions:                                                                                                                          -Any thoughts on the different sending/fuel pick-up units and their costs and what you might recommend.                                                                                          -How do you think the tank looks.




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