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NOTE: I started this post on May 4, 2020. Because George is still MIA nearly one full year later, I returned to post on this thread in April 2021  

George’s last posting to the forum was on January 26, 2020 and his last visit was on March 18, 2020 This is an unusually long absence for George.

Anyone have an update or know of an effective way to contact him outside of Pantera international ? PM’s  apparently go unanswered.


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 I do not believe George is living alone. Last I knew he was still married with Debbie and I know recently his daughter April and her child were living with him in Ventura. He was living near the marina but I know he has moved from there.

Again, the only contact I’ve ever had has been through Pantera international. 

Despite his absence from this forum the forum remains online so that tells me the bills are at least being paid. Fingers crossed this continues and George is alive and well .......somewhere. 


George HI glad to see you're having an extended nap, we were worried! Now I don't have to come over there personally to pay my monthy vendors contribution LOL.

Now for my rant...

IMHO members consider this; this forum not only builds camaraderie but also benefits  ~all~ DeTomaso owners world wide every month. I find it unbelieveable, only three  contributors out of a hundreds of THOUSANDS of hits a month. Hint hint...guys you don't be a vendor to contribute...the sight does cost $$$ & time to run & monitor. It is a thankless job.

That being said...welcome to our MAY PLEDGE DRIVE...enroll now, just a dollar a week for entry level members, while you might consider the $10.00 Presidents Pledge & receive the Goerge Pence autographed 8X10 free & a seat at the POCA convention table & complimentary cup of wine! Pledge now, our member drive is only temporary!!

In jest only. Now the fireworks begin setting off our Drive!

We have had this discussion before.  Many of the members are happy and willing to contribute a small fee to participate.  Shameful that all the vendors are not buying ad space.  I do believe if the vendors would step up, the members would not need to pay a fee.  I have discussed this with George via phone before.

George, I think you might want to address this issue as I do not wish to speak for you in any capacity.

Not stir the pot.....Ferrari Forum charges, Ferrari Chat only allows limited sight use if not a ~paying~ member, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ford gt Forums charge.... Dues as high as $399.00 annually at Ferrari. PLUS... in most cases (just like Chuck does @ PROVOMO DeTomaso Registry) you MUST provide a VIN to join.

George is the boss we'll all support his decision. I'm on auto pay I've done my part...

Horrrrraaayyy! Ding ding ding ding ding! Another member signs up!

Just think, where else on the World Wide Web can you find such up to date useful information, history, & reference as well as Alejandros  Pubb for draft beer & good conversation[s] re: your car!!

Helpful members to get you out of a spot mechanically perhaps? Just ask a question! Trouble finding a part? Just ask! Need a car inspected anywhere in the WORLD? Just ask!

You came to the right spot! Members helping members. Camaraderie.

What would you consider paying for this valuable information that you'd never find elsewhere? A few cents a day? Dollar a week, dollar a month maybe?

Another member signed up! Thanks heydude! Great job! Will that be the Ambassdor Package or the Presidents Package please?

@haydude posted:

No No No No, from what i know, George  isn't about money. His first love is his wife and grand kids,. I've never meet him in person but I would like to. Thank you G!


Thank you Ken. Hopefully we will meet some day.

For those who have written … there's a pile of correspondence that has accumulated. I am slowly answering private messages and emails, plus I'm processing requests for membership. It will take a bit of time for me to catch-up with it all but I'll get there eventually.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. 

Happy Mother's Day to the ladies ...

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Does anyone remember the other De Tomaso forums which fell into disrepair and then went offline forever? There were two of them from what I recall. I can't help but fear a similar fate for the forum we are on today. My guess is we are but one missed hosting payment away from such a scenario. I write only out of concern for the platform and I do not know the moderator personally.

Does anyone know if there is a key holder besides George? I would imagine that over the years, others may have been granted administrative privileges in order to assist with moderation duties.

On my long to-do list is the task of archiving some of these posts and photos. Specifically I am interested in some De Tomaso history that has been compiled here and would be hard to trackdown elsewhere. There is also some quite hard to come by info related to Mangusta technical specifications, it would be a shame to loose these things.

Sharkey, If you recall we had this discussion with George in the past.  Many ideas were thrown out to him for helping with the cost including a fee for posting in the "for sale" section.  George felt that it should be as free as possible (which I agree) hence the vendor sponsorship.  Thanks for being a sponsor.  I know there are other vendors out there that are not sponsors.  Problem is we don't know at this time if it is a money problem or simply a time issue for George.  I hope if he needs help he would reach out to us.  We shall see.

Sci-Fi, I feel the same way. I've known George since before he bought this site when Dave & Linda Adler retired. He's just taking some well deserved downtime, I think. I've been POCA's tech editor as well as their Newsletter Editor since the '90's. Back when this site also included a slick magazine, I used to write a regular, exclusive article for then-P.I. owners the Adlers. Dave's the one who hung that 'Boss Wrench' avatar on my posts & articles here. Y'all may(?) have noticed I still write lengthy e-posts on the P.I forums....

Populating the POCA Archives with irreplaceable info is a particular project of mine for much the same reasons.  This site has been self-financed since George took it on, as well as the DeTomaso Forum (no longer monitored or financed by POCA), as well as the many Model Registries- several of which are in Europe or Canada. We have all been getting a free ride for many, many years thanks to the dedication of such individuals. Sharkey, your Pledge Drive is a nice gesture. Stay out of the way of those mask-less Spring Breakers yourself, sir!

Most of those dedicated people could make more money being greeters at Wal-Mart than they do managing these Forums for us. It ain't the bucks. But we all get tired and sometimes need a pat on the head. Dennis has been at this since the cars were in the showrooms.  I'm a newbie' in comparison- only since the mid-'80s. Interested in your lightbulb moment.

Snarkey wow, never been called that before.... anyway I know fully well about keeping a websight current and trying desperately to find volunteers to help out it's just too much. A thankless job. While President of The National HEMI Owners Association for many years, towards the end there was just nobody to help w/the Newsletters, mailings, articles, National Meet Directors, Judging/trophies, bulk mail problems, 5  U.S Territory Directors, National Directors, 12 International Directors, etc etc everyone just 'timed out' so to speak. This led to it's demise.

Over the years the National Hemi Owners Association faded away in a slow agonizing spiral, nothing more I could do except let go.

My thought is to have POCA maybe take over this site. Now before I get all the hate emails, we need to look at the overall picture. POCA is looking at re-introducing "International DeTomaso Owners Club", at least that is what I take from the last article in the POCA magazine that Scott talks about. George has done an awesome job of gathering a wealth of information himself and others as well as  Jack. I'm sure I missed a lot of credits for others, so I do need to apologize for that  So rather than re-inventing all that wealth of info, shouldn't we take advantage of what is already available? This also goes for maybe Chuck's "Registry". We are all getting to the age of retirement and beyond. How can we pass all of this on to the next great keepers of our great cars? I am not saying we need to remove these two great gentlemen. We need to give them a chance to pass all this knowledge on because I know they are care more about our great cars than everyone else outside our group. And for those that are not POCA members I'm sure there is a way to get them the same experience they have now.

My 2 cents worth.

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