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I share Haydude‘s concerns about the loss of the information contained in this forum’s archives, as well as the information collected in Chuck’s registry.

In order for anything to happen George has to come out from hibernation to begin a discussion.

as others have already posted he has failed to respond to private messages for many months now.

I sent him a private message last Tuesday and haven’t received a reply.

I sent a private message to his wife Debbie yesterday and haven’t received a reply.



It’s called succession planning in business and something many refuse to face.  I am on many car forums including the numerous Facebook groups.  They are all different with their own flavor and “stitch”.  None of those I frequent ask for web readers to pay for it.  Most are supported by the vendor community behind the marque.   POCA to me offers very little other than an annual event I am not at all interested in attending and a magazine.  Why they would not recognize the value this site provides is hard to believe.  Imagine a world in which POCA paid George and a back up admin to keep doing this labor of love for the benefit of their succession planning and future relevance to the marque.  Same with the registry.  Why not brand them all as the POCA data and fund and support.  This site is the future of the hobby.   Would I be willing to pay for it - yes but I would stop my POCA membership in lieu of it .cheers

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