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i have a 1971 Pantera that has been in my family for 32 years. i have it in my garage now. some person is trying to snake it from my dad. the price is no where near what i think it should be. can i get some help here? she's perfectly original.

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If you can post some relatively low resolution pictures (or link us to pictures on Photobucket / Flikr, etc), people here can give you an objective assessment of the car's value.

You need to provide the Serial Number (last 4 digits) the mileage, and some amount of history.

Panteras have been going up in price in the last year or two. In my opinion, if the offer your Dad recieved is anywhere less than 25K (unless your dad's car is rusty and/or disassembled) then you need to really take a hard look at it. If your dad wants to sell, then fine, but the cars have been going up in price, so don't go too low without really doing your homework.

Some of these "survivors" have been going for eyewatering prices recently at the auctions, and on eBay. It's hard to advise you without seeing pictures, but don't make any rash decisions.

Get your dad to sign the title over to you (joke, but semi-serious).

But - on the downside, if the car hasn't run in 30 years (hypothetically), it likely may take 10K to go through the car and make it roadworthy.

There is also an element of "location", while I am no expert that probably plays into the value of the car a minor amount.

We need more info.

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