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The later post Ford era cars ~9250 onward had the handbrake relocated to the right front side of the drivers seat. The actual mechanism isn't much different than the early style, it used a longer actuating rod with much shorter cables.


GT5S undersideGT5S Handbrake


Images (2)
  • GT5S underside
  • GT5S Handbrake
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As Dave said, the left side rocker panel Fiero assembly will fit, as well as the similar Porsche 914 mechanism. What's needed for this is a handbrake lever that engages, locks then allows the handle to relax flat so it's not impossible to get out of the car with the handbrake on. I always thought a Ford pickup foot-brake pedal could be adapted to a Pantera over the missing dead pedal area, but I've never seen this done. Safety features don't get the attention that monster power does.

Actually, a handbrake lever as Bosswrench describes is used on my 1995 Jaguar XJS.

I’m not sure how compatible the lower side of the assembly is (although I will say mine was a b!7ch to adjust in the Jag), but it does pull up to tighten, then drop down once the brake is set, and it’s on the “door side” of the driver’s seat.

I would bet there are a bunch of non-running XJS Jaguars about.  They seem to have rust problems....

I am pretty impressed by the late model Pantera stock implementation.  This looks like an easier fabrication/implementation challenge....


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The Brembo/Tesla EPB calipers have motors in them that function like power window motors. They engage slowly (2 or 3 seconds) and once engaged, they stay in that position until they are powered in reverse. That way, if your battery goes dead, your parking brake doesn't release. Pantera Electronics has a few different styles of EPB switches as well as mounting brackets and the other parts you may need to perform the installation.

We have sold approximately 100 EPB Controllers domestically and
internationally for many different automobiles.
Approximately 35% were installed in Panteras.
Only a small percentage of Pantera owners purchase our products that
participate on the PI forum. (in fact the PI forum is not included in our
marketing surveys)
I believe there is 1 or 2 that have the EPB Controller that are on the
forum, David Nunn is one but other than him I don't remember.

We do not provide customer email addresses so I cannot help in that matter
Most Pantera customers that have installed them don't email us back about
the installation either.
I can tell you that most of the EPB Controllers for Panteras were sold in
FaceBook has been a popular contact point for Pantera EPB enquiries.

Sorry I don't have feedback you are looking for.

Jon Haas
Product Engineering
Like us on FaceBook <>
Watch our video on YOUTUBE

On Mon, Feb 8, 2021 at 1:00 PM The De Tomaso Forums <>


Thanks for the information.

I didn't mean to imply in any way that the EPB kit has issues. From what I have read you have a stellar reputation. I would like to know if anyone has experienced any unforeseen issues for example heat related from exhaust, damage from road debris or "there is "X" interference with this other mod".

Questions: What is the max rotor thickness the Tesla/Brembo calipers can accommodate? Do you make adapter brackets for larger OD rotors?



I did not have an opportunity to mount the Tesla calipers on our test
Pantera, which is odd because we usually test everything thoroughly.
I used a different approach for this product.

We had sold a few EPB controllers that were only tested in the lab with
calipers attached and got good results.
The first Pantera owner was the guy in the video whom I don't know well.
Then we sold several EPB controllers to Pantera owners in California I know
well and worked with them closely to make sure the installation and
operation went well.
These installations continue to operate and are in use without issues.

The maximum rotor thickness is 1.0 " but the calipers can be separated and
add spacer plates for thicker rotors.
We were going to make the spacers but didn't have enough of a demand.
We were also going to make brackets for larger rotors but there were too
many different diameters so we decided to only make brackets for the
factory rotor size.
It seems most other size brackets have not been an obstacle for the other
guys but I would think it's more trouble to make them than buying them.

In terms of durability the calipers are high quality and Brembo design, if
they hold heavy battery burden Tesla car they should hold a Pantera.
I don't know about the effects of heat.
One of the guys tested by setting the EPB and used first gear to move the
Pantera only to load the engine down and not move. (don't know engine speed)

Most of our sales of EPB controllers are EV conversions, the transmission
is removed then there isn't the Park pawl to use as a brake during parking.
We have sold many controllers internationally for this application.

Regards, Jon
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Watch our video on YOUTUBE

On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 12:21 PM The De Tomaso Forums <>

Mike, further to what Jon wrote; I am in the process of installing my EPB's. As my rear rotors are 12.19" x 1.25", I have to fab brackets and caliper spacers. Both are quite easy to make. As an alternative to spacers, you could simply machine or file a bit of material off of the pads. I think about 0.10" would be enough and there would be tons of thickness left. As far as I can tell, the calipers must be mounted on the rear set of mounting lugs as they could interfere with the coil springs if mounted on the front. Also, I don't think they will be close enough to the mufflers for heat to be an issue. The calipers themselves are quite light and keep in mind, you lose the weight of the OEM handbrake assy., brackets, cables, etc. As Jon mentioned, these EPB's are designed to work on a 5,400 lb. Tesla Model S, so they are definitely overkill for a Pantera.

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Thanks Jon and David for answering all my questions. I have no doubts about the quality and strength of the EPB Brembo calipers. My rear rotors are also 12.19" x 1.25" so custom brackets will be needed. The EPB Brembo calipers will be rear mounted. Sorry for all the questions, my car is a long drive from here and is not easily accessible now. What is the best source for the EPB Brembo calipers?


Mike, I bought mine on eBay, from a salvage yard in Southern California. The ones I'm using are actually the second pair I received from the same seller. The first pair arrived with broken electrical connectors. If the calipers are not packed carefully, with particular attention paid to the connectors, they will likely arrive broken and unusable.

Mike, the leading and trailing sides of the caliper have different styles of mounting. I'm not sure why they make them this way but it's probably best to mount them on the side the caliper was designed to mount on. You could physically mount them on either side though. I believe all years of caliper are the same.

I've also heard rumors of 2016 model year "recalled" EPBs finding their way onto eBay but I've never come across anyone that has actually purchased one (or a pair). Perhaps Jon would have a better idea.   

Joules is correct, the reason that the Tesla / Brembo calipers are available is that  a small percentage of gear breaks rendering the caliper in operative.

Attached is the NHTSA safety report and a publication from Tesla.

We setup a "Test to Destruction" using  a EPB controller and some lab equipment to cycle the caliper constantly and without allowing the caliper to move which places excessive stress on the mechanism. After hundreds of cycles the motor pinon gear sheared off the motor shaft, but I don't believe that was the failure mode that caused the recall.

I have disassembled (1) field failed caliper and found the lead screw and follower assembly was the failure mechanism which is not the same as the safety report.

Just as many mechanisms there are failures but in perspective it is not severe and the benefits out weight this issue.

I know of a Pantera owners that purchased calipers from Ebay that had failures as received but bought additional calipers and still felt it was worth while. 

We would not have spent the time and resources to design several controllers if we didn't feel that this wasn't a safe and useful brake system.


A source for Tesla calipers:

444 Vernon Way
El Cajon, CA. 92020.

Info about Tesla rotor:

Tesla Model 3 Rear Ventilated Brake Rotor Size:

Diameter rear: 365mm (14.37")
Rotor Thickness:
New - 28mm (1.10")
Service limit - 26mm (1.02")

Electric Parking Brake (EPB) Pad Thickness.
(excluding back plate)

New - 5.5mm (0.216")
Service Limit - 1 mm (0.039")

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