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I'm looking for the specs, or a drawing, for doing this mod on the Ford iron heads. The head is drilled and tapped on the end for a pipe thread fitting. This taps into the water jacket, and allows air trapped in the head to escape. The placement of the hole is critical. I remember seeing this mod detailed, but can't find it now. Any help appreciated - thanks.
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Ahhh, My unfortunate Christmas tree arrangement. I never figured out how to arrange that plumbing with fewer pieces for a more elegant execution. However, it works well. I had called Aeroquip for a custom fitting providing sizes to tie it all together and the representative told me flat out that I couldn't afford it.

To your question. The braided line on the left feeds oil to the rear of the engine from the outlet adjacent the oil filter. This mod was once more popular however became more controversial. Our testing validated its efficacy. The line off to the right feeds the rear of the motor from the Accusump. The brass fitting in the left line is a one-way check valve forcing the accusump's discharge into the rear of the engine so it isn't wasted on the oil filter. The lower copper line, of small diameter, feeds a mechanical oil pressure gauge and the sender adjacent to it signals a low oil pressure light.
need a drawing for this..cristmas tree. Confused
1) braded line LEFT goes from the the "plug" replacement above the oil filter..providing oil from the "pump outbound the Filter" directly to the back of the engine, parallel to the internal oiling channels
2)sorry what is accu-sum..IN and out? Braded right and lower Copper? Oil cooler?
Guys, have fun, but, you do not need a air eliminator for your heads, may I suggest a good n water pump, as for all the elaborate oil routing, you don't need that either, unless your running a full race 700+ h.p. Cleveland, simple oil restrictors prioritize the crank oiling, but as far as a stock motor or mild street motor 400 h.p. that's just man cave time.

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