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Hello All

After my heater hose failed and I had to take almost all carpets etc out of the car I also found the heater regulator valve leaking. The bend rod actuator was leaking. After taking everything apart I found in the internet a shop in Germany that sells that valve new, I bought it and it arrived today. with very little work the valve is ready to be put back into the car. Here are some pictures for who is



Best regards Ulli


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Ulli, you got lucky if the defective heater hose did not rupture while driving and scald you or your passenger's legs with live steam, as has happened to several U,S Pantera owners!  When owners replace heater hoses, they invariably forget to change the little ones under the dash!

There were two versions of the heater valve- '71-72 and '72L and up. The later valve uses a metal arm running in an inclined slot to raise and lower the shaft and thus open and close the hot water flow. What leaks is a tiny o-ring inside the valve, which is available in Viton (I think) from McMasters-Carr, according to several articles in the POCA Newsletter over the decades.

The two valves are equally ineffective at regulating hot water thru the heater core. Due to mismatched leverages between the valves and the levers on the console, you can either have the heater work well but leak hot water when 'shut off' which degrades the A/C, or you can adjust the controls to fully shut off hot water and degrade the operation of the heater and defrosters. There is no easy fix for both conditions beyond replacement with a completely different type of valve, or maybe use Maserati BiTurbo parts as one owner did. Good luck-


Actually the person sitting that day on the passenger seat got a bit of hot water against his leg but luckily nothing bad. at the moment I have the new valve inside and it works no leaks or anything else. the old valve is on my work bench and I repaired it already with a new seal for the linkage. It is actually not an o-ring it is a more complex seal at least in the one regulator I have in my car. its a hydraulic seal and it works perfectly fine when exchanged against a new one. The Pantera is when you look at it not a specifically complex car but to find what you need here in Europe is more complex then I was aware of. Also to find where the part came from DeTomaso used of the shelf from other manufactures is a bit of a challenge. some of the parts are Ford some Lucas some from Ferrari some from Maserati and so on. Not easy but we get there. will be fine one day 😁

regards Ulli

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