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So today I go to start the P car after several cold weeks of inactivity and at the first turn I get a few clicks then nothing but interior lights remain on. Seems like a battery problem so out come the jumper cables.

I've jumped another family member's vehicle several times in the last few months and her (+) terminal has a green cap with a black on the (-) and as mine are opposite on the Pantera (who puts a green cap on a (-) terminal??) I make a careless mistake on first connection and connect the (+) cable to the (-) terminal and ground the negative. A shower of sparks brings the error to my immediate attention. Break the connection and neither vehicle seems worse for the wear and neither is in flames.

I make the correct connection, let it run for a few minutes and start the Pantera. At this point it's a typical cold start after weeks of inactivity and takes several turns to get her started but she comes to life. I leave her idling in the drive for 15 minutes and everything seems standard. I turn her off so I can air up the tires and make some other checks and when I go to restart I get a click, half a turn then nothing. Out come the cables again and she fires right up while connected.

Figuring perhaps I didn't give the battery enough time to charge, I take her out for a 30 minute run. By the SOTP meter everything seems normal and no apparent misfires. Driving totally as normal.

Back at the house I power down then attempt an immediate restart and I get the same. A few clicks, a half hearted turn then nothing at all. Hook up the cables and starts right up immediately and back in the garage she goes.

I had a new coil and MSD box placed 18 months ago after a total coil failure left me stranded. I was having starting problems leading up to that event that were probably signs of the failing coil.

Does this sound like another evolving coil problem? Would I not expect to have any running problems, misfires, etc? Or did I fry something with the cable goof?

Any thoughts or recommendations before I go digging around under the hood tomorrow? Thanks in advance.
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I get a few clicks then nothing but interior lights remain on.

If the interior lights remained on when getting the "clicks then nothing", then it is probably the starter solenoid.

If the interior lights went off during the "clicks then nothing", then it is probably the battery (assuming the cable connections are clean and tight).

Cable connections are bad
to prove it ... if you have a volt ohm meter first do a voltage check with the car off put the leads on the battery posts then move the volt meter leads to the battery terminals if there is any difference pull them and clean them.

Some people put a very light coat of grease on the terminals to keep the oxidation from happening, I use carbon impregnated grease because it is conductive, but you can use any grease but remember most grease is a di- electric meaning it is an insulator.

Next clip the leads on the battery so you can see them while you try to start the car, best to have someone else to start the car. Then when you crank the car over notice what the voltage drops to.

Next start the car, If it starts then look at what the voltage rises to, as long as it is 1 volt over what it's off state was ( first reading) your OK. Now someone will state 13.7 to 14.5 volts is good they are right while the car is running and at about 1000 rpm. But 1 volt over is good also.

Most likely the battery is low I would pull the terminals clean them and put the battery on a trickle charger, when it is fully charged remove the charger bolt the positive side to the battery then with the car door closed and nothing on in the car have someone turn off the garage lights while you are holding the terminal and know where the post is and touch it to the post and look and see if there is a spark if there is you have a draw on the battery pulling it down, if not you are good to go. PS a security system will show a spark if you have one.
I will help anyone if i have the time and I travel a lot so if you have any questions just pm me take care.
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