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I’m getting ready to rebuild the suspension on my car so I need it completely off the ground. Jack stands are my only option so I looked around for options. Here is what I came up with.  The Harbor Freight aluminum stands. They are sold under different names on the internet but seem to be all the same. They have a mostly flat top which we need to mate with the jacking points.

I found the idea of using hockey pucks as cushions on the internet. I ordered some inexpensive hockey pucks and tried them out. They worked well but the ridges on the top of the stands caused them to deform some. The hockey pucks are hard enough to machine so I set them up on the mill and machined grooves into them to accept the ridges on the stands. Now they work great. As a bonus the pucks fit perfectly between the 3 bolts under the motor mounts  




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"We" have used hockey pucks for some time as pads on the hydraulic jacks. The issue there is that they commonly split and disintergrate with no warning.

For something that you need to jack the car up temporarily like to change a tire they are ok, but marginally ok. You do not want to use them for anything longer then that. Certainly do not attempt to use them for anything long term.

The "alloy" of the rubber is just not intended for that purpose regardless of how well the shape and proportion of them is.


I was a little concerned with the puck deforming due to the ridges of the jack stands and that is why I cut the grooves in them. Now they weight is evenly distributed across the top of the jack stand. The pucks are new so there isn't any age-related degradation. I'm not sure the front squish at all and the rears only minimally. It seems solid to me.

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