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> I have a Holley 735 on my car. I believe it was a replacement carb for a 70s
> 390/428. Does anyone know what the stock jets might have been for this carb?
> The carb runs great and pretty good MPG, I just can't remeber the jet sizes?
> (bad case of CRS)I just don't want to take the carb apart. Thanks

There's an additional 4 digit list number on Holleys. You're looking for
something like 4345 for a 735 CFM Holley. Holley 735's were unique to Ford
applications and were available in several part numbers (manual and automatic
trans, service replacement, etc.). Mine is stamped with Ford part number
C9OF-9510-H and Holley list number 4345 and came off my dad's 1969 428
Fairlane Cobra Jet which was equipped with a C6 automatic. It was originally
equipped with a manual choke, #66 primary and #78 secondary jets, and stiff
natural color vacuum secondary spring. When I rebuilt it, I updated it with
electric choke, added power valve blow out protection, quick jet change bowls,
and a secondary spring quick change kit. When ordering parts, be aware that
OEM carbs like the 735 are no longer covered in Holley catalogs. They only
cover aftermarket carbs, so you'll need to know what you're looking for when
it comes to buying rebuild kits and tuning or repair parts. When I was
looking into adding the electric choke kit, I called the Holley tech line
but even they weren't sure what would fit or even if they had a kit that
would work. As it turns out, electric choke kit Holley part number 45-223
bolts right on.

Dan Jones
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