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Has anyone changed the location of the horn button from the turn signal stalk to somewhere else?  Looking for ideas on a location that is easy to install and use when needed while looking good and not kit-car-ish.  I have a quick disconnect Momo steering wheel without an option for a horn, otherwise that would have been ideal.  Any good ideas or successful relocation of the horn button out there?

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@Fuzz posted:

That is freaking hilarious.  Have you ever visited any middle eastern country?  A horn is a used as often as the cylinders fire.  This setup would come in handy over there.

Yes… it’s a safety feature there.. -I’m coming-!!
The picture was Larry‘s “fix”  for A brake light switch..  but it’s so much better suited as a horn button… You made me break - I will beep you!

Ok, so here's the latest.  Scott, my friend/mechanic, came over last night and took out the turn signal stalk and bench tested the horn button, and it worked, so now I know it is not the horn button or any wiring in the stalk.  It was late, so he had take off, but we did manage to find a bunch of relays by the front firewall on the passenger side, so he just have to figure out which one is the horn relay.  We are not getting any power to the new horns, so he thinks there is a good chance the relay is bad.  No clicking sound is heard when the horn button is pushed.  Oh, and the fuse was good too (new fuse box and all new fuses).  If it is the relay, I take it Wilkinson, Hall Pantera, or another vendor will have one.

So the problem is the horn relay.  The stalk horn button works, the horn works (we bypassed the relay and the horn goes off when the stalk button is pressed).  So I am ordering a relay today and voila, problem solved.  Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.

Bosswrench, I recently installed a new quick release MOMO steering wheel with the Pantera logo in the center.  It would take a lot of work to modify it to take a horn button, and I might ruin the center logo with the Isis.

The 65 Shelby GT350 had a wood rimmed Cobra steering wheel installed. It had no provision for a center horn button so the solution was to put a $5 JC Whitney toggle switch on the dash.

That toggle switch now, if you can find one will probably set you back over $1,500 but the idea of a "momentary switch" on the dash would be the simplest solution.

I am going to build one of the wireless switches with remote relay for my Nardi steering wheel… have one horn for city (steering wheel) and one for open road / Highway (turn signal stock)

there is easily room for something smaller then the size of a box of matches!

let’s see  if  I can  do   this….. ( very optimistic ✌️)

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So after much effort, finally got the horn working.  A lot of work involved.  Well, a lot of time chasing down what's going on.  Bench testing the horn button on the turn signal showed it worked.  The new relay from Pantera Electronics was working properly. (It comes with a life-time warranty by the way!  Way to go Jon.)  The fuse was good.  The horn is new and works when bench tested.  But put it all together, and it was not working.  Took it to a recommended mechanic who spent about an hour chasing a short that was drawing power from the power wire to the air conditioning relay that uses the same power wire as the horn relay.  Long story short, he fixed it and now the horn works.  What a headache for such a simple thing.

Granted, I never use the horn, but you know how we are...just had to have it working. 

Does anyone have the moderna air horn option fitted to their car ? Any pictures would be appreciated .

6997 came with an full tritone air horn kit installed ( and yes it is blinkin loud !) but I was sure it was an aftermarket change until I saw the option in the 1976 catalog.

Now I am not sure if it was put in before or after.

Cover 1976 optionsPrice list excerpt


Images (2)
  • Cover 1976 options
  • Price list excerpt

Well from what I read and see in ProvaMo, 6997 is a real Euro GTS, so I see no reason it wouldn’t be a factory option…

Since it’s installed in your car, and matches the 1985 factory catalog…. Who would argue with you, especially if the horn button and wiring appear to be factory?

Just my €.02!


PS…  I’m somewhat of a horn aficionado, so I think those are very cool!

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Well I pulled off the front cover , knocked off most the spiders and took some shots. Not allot of room for these three honkers.

The air horn metal bodies are Italian FISA horns from  the right period and the mounting does look like it was done late on a friday afternoon by Giuseppe with a bad attitude when all he wanted to do was meet his ragazza in the albergo.

Maybe ?

Tritone hornhorn close up


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  • Tritone horn
  • horn close up

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