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Once again my sold sierra 1985 Volkswagen GTI was recognized in writing and postal-mail by NuFinish and was also CarToon-ed again on The Internet. I am estimating approximately 75,000 miles for a purchase of 2,400.00US plus a $100.00 scholarship for the previos owners oceanography education, and a $1,500.00US sale. I sent the info to and and to Disney's 13 tribes, and others.
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4 beers down. Huummmmm lets see here,,,

Ok,,,,, Volkswagen -- Writing/postal-mail -- Nufinish WAIT WAIT WAIT

Volkswagen -- mail -- Nufinish -- cartoon-ed -- miles -- purchased
OK OK , No wait ,,, Scholarship ? oceanography ? autotrader ? Turtle wax ?

What the F&%# man !!!

Crap ,,,,,, I'll have some more beers and try agian later,I really feel that I almost had it.

I looked up Nufinish on the web,, the product is not out yet,, so I called them,,, The Marketing Department said that (Nufinish Body-Paste)will be released in Jan. of 2007, they could not confirm that Turtle Wax would manufacture the new paste. They got mad at me for calling it
" VW Butt Paste " ?
They said you could use it on any part of your body and that it was not just for VW drivers.

What will they think of next ?

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Something must have got lost in translation..or they drink early in Canada Roll Eyes I have used Nufinish, you wash the car, wipe this green stuff like wax all over and rub it in a little, then wash the entire car again. The stuff left a nice shine and beads on a used car that sold quickly. Haven't seen any sice. Would use again. Wink Don't know about the rest....but...I'll start drinking and thinking Confused
You guys sure are a bunch of un-sympathetic souls. If you lived up here and had to put up with our crap weather and not being able to drive your Panteras for half of the year, you’d drink a lot and early! That said, I think my fellow snow-dog has been lapping up a little too much antifreeze. When I’m that blasted, I can’t even figure out how to turn my computer on, let alone type!, although I probably don’t make much more sense... Now, where was my mug... Big Grin
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